Informacja RODO dla klientów szkolenia

Information on Data Processing 

Who is the administrator of your personal data?

The administrator, an entity deciding on the use of your personal data, is C12 Spec. Szkolenia Dariusz Pollak with the company’s place of residence and address in Łódź, ul. Henryka Sienkiewicza 85/87, lok. 8.

Who can you contact to get more information on data processing by C12 Spec. Szkolenia?

If you have any questions regarding processing of your personal data by C12 Spec. Szkolenia you can reach out to a representative of the company by this contact information: e-mail address:, mobile phone number: 669 054 125.

C12 Spec. Szkolenia is in possession of your data, because you signed in in an attendance register at a shooting range.

Additionally, we receive data about you from payment operators, entities that provide you with a possibility to make payments through non-cash transaction devices. We receive statuses on your payments for the service from them.

What is the aim and basis for processing your data by C12 Spec. Szkolenia?

C12 Spec. Szkolenia will process your personal data in order to allow you to participate in trainings and contacting us, perform duties arising from the provisions of law, including regulations on activity and duties of people conducting shooting trainings, allow to make payments for services, conduct direct marketing linked with the organization of shooting-related courses, trainings and events.

Data that identifies you may also be used to be shared in advertising spaces, provide security of information processing, manage teleinformation systems and protect or pursue claims, for the statistical or archival purposes, as well as to assure accountability of operating in line with legal duties.

C12 Spec. Szkolenia is authorized to process your personal data as this is necessary to execute the agreement, and it may be required on the basis of the provisions of law, for example when we are legally obliged to process your personal data for control and information procedures for state or local authorities.

Some data, such as images, also of you, is processed by C12 Spec. Szkolenia in order to provide a sufficient level of security, as well as to secure possible claims pursued by our customers.

Do you have to share your personal data with C12 Spec. Szkolenia?

Sharing your personal data is a legal obligation only in the scope arising from the provisions of law: the regulation of the Minister of Interior and Administration from the 15th of March 2000 on the exemplary regulations for shooting ranges, the accounting act and tax law, and when we make settlements of payments received from you.

The data such as your phone number and e-mail address is processed for information and advertising purposes. Sharing this type of data is not obligatory and you can request deleting this data from our storage at any time.

If you cannot provide your personal data required under the provisions of law to us, we cannot provide you with our services. Sharing the remaining data (e-mail address, phone number) is voluntary.

In case of image recording on the area of C12 Spec. Szkolenia at the entrance there will be visible and clear information signs. Your entrance to the area is perceived as an agreement to image recording.

What are your rights concerning data processing?

You can demand from C12 Spec. Szkolenia your data to be: accessed by you, corrected, deleted (besides data required under the provisions of law), restricted in processing and transferring, manually decided on, including profiling. You also have a right to withdraw the consent to process your personal data.

Those rights can be executed when:

– concerning the correction of data: data is incorrect or incomplete;

– concerning the deletion of data: data is no longer necessary for the original purposes of collection by C12 Spec. Szkolenia;

– you withdraw your agreement to data processing;

– you refuse to process your data in advance;

– data is processed illegally;

– data should be deleted with the purpose of fulfilling the obligation arising from a provision of law;

– data was collected regarding providing services via Internet to children;

– concerning the restriction of processing data: data is incorrect, and for the period allowing C12 Spec. Szkolenia to check the correctness of your data;

– data are illegally processed, but you do not want it to be deleted;

– your data is no longer required by C12 Spec. Szkolenia but may be necessary for you to protect or pursue claims;

– you file a refusal to process data, until the time that it has been established that the legal basis is valid to file a refusal;

– concerning data transfer: data processing takes place on the basis of your consent or agreement made with you and processing is automatic.

You have a right to file a complaint regarding processing your personal data by C12 Spec. Szkolenia to the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.

When can you object to processing your personal data?

You have the right to object to processing your personal data when:

– data processing takes place on the basis of legitimate interest or for statistical purposes, and your objection is justified by your specific circumstances, personal data is processed for the purpose of direct marketing.

Who is the recipient of your personal data?

Generally, C12. Spec Szkolenia does not share your personal data with 3rd parties, except when there is a legal foundation or obligation, including the demand of legal entities requesting the data, or when we employ services of entities supporting C12 Spec. Szkolenia, for example companies providing us with hosting services, and software and server maintenance.

Your image registered with our image recording devices is not shared with anyone, except in case of crime or damage.

In such cases your image may be shared with state authorities such as the Police or other authorities responsible for administrative and penal procedures and only at their request.

How long is your data stored by C12 Spec. Szkolenia?

C12 Spec. Szkolenia stores your personal data for the time specified by law. Marketing data is processed and stored until you object to it.

What is more, C12 Spec. Szkolenia stores your personal data for tax and accounting purposes for 5 years after the end of the year, in which you made a payment.

C12 Spec. Szkolenia stores your personal data for marketing purposes for the time specified by the legal foundation and purpose of data processing.

C12 Spec. Szkolenia stores your personal data for statistical and archival purposes for the time specified by the legal foundation and purpose of data processing.

Is your personal data transferred by C12 Spec. Szkolenia to countries outside Europan Economic Area?



On the basis of the 25 years of experience in the military and, more importantly, knowledge acquired in the most elite Special Forces Unit in Poland, JW GROM, we created combat shooting training methods and weapon and general security counseling system.

Our offer includes different levels of training on both small and long firearms, self-defense, hand-to-hand combat, surviving in extreme conditions, SERE training programs, and defending domestic peace.

We provide services to individuals, also to those without own firearms, uniformed services, and both private and public institutions.
We assure that after introductory analysis of the customer’s knowledge and skills we will choose an adequate direction and training method tailored to individual needs focused on dynamic goal achievement.

Trainings take place at certified in-door and out-door shooting ranges with suitable technical resources in different areas of Poland.
We provide equipment and security means to customers without their own gear.

Our offer also includes trainings in English.


– experience acquired on the battlefield and during special operations,

– participation in deployments, for example in Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan,

– knowledge of modern and efficient operation methods acquired during international trainings, for example in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the USA, Finland, France, Corsica, and Canada,

– survival and SERE training programs of different levels; psychological preparation and efficient teaching techniques acquired during a variety of courses and trainings.

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