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C12 Spec. Szkolenia – Special Trainings was founded by a former Special Forces operator “Daro” right after his retirement.
9 years in the 18th Airborne Battalion in Bielsko-Biała, 10 years in GROM Military Unit, a member of a combat team in the assault section since the beginning of the service responsible for communications, breaching, and a deputy section commander.

Shooting and parachuting instructor with experience in HALO and HAHO parachute jumps from 10,000 m, finished medical, breaching, VIP protection, and pathfinder courses.

An everyday practitioner and shooting and firearms lover. Author of articles on shooting for magazines.



On the basis of the 25 years of experience in the military and, more importantly, knowledge acquired in the most elite Special Forces Unit in Poland, JW GROM, we created combat shooting training methods and weapon and general security counseling system.

Our offer includes different levels of training on both small and long firearms, self-defense, hand-to-hand combat, surviving in extreme conditions, SERE training programs, and defending domestic peace.

We provide services to individuals, also to those without own firearms, uniformed services, and both private and public institutions.
We assure that after introductory analysis of the customer’s knowledge and skills we will choose an adequate direction and training method tailored to individual needs focused on dynamic goal achievement.

Trainings take place at certified in-door and out-door shooting ranges with suitable technical resources in different areas of Poland.
We provide equipment and security means to customers without their own gear.

Our offer also includes trainings in English.


– experience acquired on the battlefield and during special operations,

– participation in deployments, for example in Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan,

– knowledge of modern and efficient operation methods acquired during international trainings, for example in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the USA, Finland, France, Corsica, and Canada,

– survival and SERE training programs of different levels; psychological preparation and efficient teaching techniques acquired during a variety of courses and trainings.

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